TYT TH-UVF8D Dual Band UHF VHF Walkie Talkie

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TYT TH-UVF8D Dual Band UHF VHF Walkie Talkie


The TYT TH-UVF8D is a compact, economical HT covering 2 meters and 440 MHz. It has a special VHF receive band from 70 - 108 MHz which includes the regular FM broadcast band. Dual watch and dual reception is supported. You get up to 128 memories. Other features include: selectable wide/narrow, battery save function, VOX, DCS/CTCSS encode, key lock and built in flashlight. Selectable frequency steps include: 2.5, 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5 and 25 kHz. RF power may be selected at 5 or 0.5 watts.


  1. Dual band, dual display, dual standby
  2. A/B band independent operation
  3. Talkaround function
  4. Multi-display mode
  5. 128 groups channels storage
  6. FM radio and 25 stations storage
  7. Wide/Narrow Band(25kHz/12.5kHz)
  8. 0~9 grades VOX selectable
  9. Chinese/English voice prompt
  10. CTCSS/DCS and scanning
  11. 1750Hz tone
  12. PTT & ANI ID
  13. Priority transmit selectable
  14. 0~9 grades squelch level setting
  15. LED display mode
  16. Keypad beeper setting
  17. Transmit over beeper
  18. Dual watch/monitor
  19. Receive saving function
  20. Auto keypad lock
  21. Power-on display
  22. Battery power voltage
  23. Power-on message
  24. Repeater offset function
  25. Channel name display and setting
  26. Reapter shift direction
  27. VFO step function
  28. Shortcut menu operation mode
  29. Emergency Alarm
  30. DTMF encoder & decoder
  31. Remote skill/stun/activate(optional)
  32. High/Low TX power selectable
  33. Busy channel lock-out(BCLO)
  34. Transmitter time-out timer(TOT)


Item number



Frequency Range

70-108MHz(FM Receive only)

136-174MHz and 400-520MHz (TX/RX)

Channel No.

2 x 128

Frequency Stability



High gain Dual Band antenna

Antenna Impedance


Operating Voltage

DC 7.4V

Mode of operation

Simple or semi-duplex

Dimension (W x H x D)

110 x 58 x 32 mm


250g (including battery, antenna)


Output power

5W / 0.5W (Max 5W)

Modulation Mode

16kφF3E / 11kφF3E

Maximum deviation

<5kHz(Wide) / <2.5kHz(Narrow)

Spurious Radiation


Adjacent Ch. power

≤-65dB(Wide) / ≤-60dB(Narrow)

Pre-emphasis characteristics




CTCSS/DCS deviation

0.5±0.1kHz(Wide) / 0.4±0.1kHz(Narrow)

Intermediation sensitivity


Intermediation distortion



1 x TYT TH-UVF8D (VHF136-174MHz / UHF 400-520MHz) Two-Way Radio
1 x 7.4V Li-ion Battery Pack
1 x Antenna 136-174/400-520Mhz
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Hand Strap
1 x English Manual
1 x Adapter
1 x Desktop Charger ( 100V ~ 240V )

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